Should I shave my head and what is the best safety razor for head shaving?

Should I Shave My Head?

This summer, I found myself on an unusual quest.  A search for the best safety razor for shaving your head.  Actually, shaving MY head, but you get the idea.  If you are one of those lucky people blessed with a full, thick head of hair, you might not be able to relate to what comes next.  If you are one of my fellow hair challenged friends, things might start sounding familiar at this point.

If you had asked me (or challenged me) a year ago to shave my head, I would have looked at you like you were crazy.  What changed?  Well, a couple of things.  First off, I saw a really unfortunate

best safety razor for shaving head

I had no idea it was this bad.

photograph of myself with the sun shining down upon my very sparse hair.  I had somehow convinced myself that the thinning hair situation wasn’t all that bad up until then.  The bare skin shining through what used to be some really thick hair couldn’t be ignored anymore.  Next, a girl of about ten casually asked me if I even bothered combing my hair after I washed it.  It was then that I really realized that I was at the point of every day being a bad hair day.  What was left of my hair just sort of did its own thing.  It wasn’t good.

Out Come the Clippers!

The next weekend I talked myself into getting my head shaved.  I read some articles about the benefits of being bald, then I went to the guy who always cut my hair and told him to take it all off.  He talked me down from going full on bald to getting a short clipper cut.  I guess that was a good first step for me.  It was a different look and people at work seemed to like it (or at least they were polite about it if they didn’t).  I kept that buzz cut look for about 7 months, but this summer I just figured I’d just go for it and do a full shave down.  No more paying for haircuts for me!  I grabbed the clippers I use on one of my dogs, shaved things waaaay down, and then busted out some shaving gel and a safety razor.  Ten minutes later, I was in total cue ball mode.  If you are thinking about shaving your head, understand that it is completely normal to be nervous about making the change.  I found this video that does a pretty good job expressing what I was feeling and showing some before and after video of other guys who have made to leap into having a completely bald head.

Video of Balding Guys Shaving Their Heads

Like the guys in the video said, no one knows for sure how they’ll feel about the new look until they’ve gone ahead and tried it.  I can honestly say that after going through with shaving my head, I actually like it.  I like that it feels cool.  I think it does show a sort of self confidence and a willingness to ignore what anyone else thinks to go for what makes you feel best.  I personally felt very uncomfortable with my thinning hair.  It never looked good anymore.  When I decided to go ahead and shave my head, I felt a certain confidence that I haven’t felt in a long time.  It might have something to do with a new attitude I’ve developed after going through a stroke last year, but whatever it is, I like the way my head feels and looks, and I like the way I feel about it.

Choosing the Best Razor for Shaving Your Head

Note: I have included affiliate links below, but I only will recommend products I’d use myself.  Anyway, when I shaved my head, I didn’t get too fancy.  I used Schick Xtreme 3 Sensitive razors simply because I had a big pack of them here already.  You can spend a lot of money on razors, but I felt that these were very reasonably priced and I liked the quality.  You can use this link to see them on Amazon.  I also tried some other common brands, but these are still my favorite because they flex really well and hugged my head as I ran the razor over it.

Buying a Cool Headblade Razor

The really cool looking razor you see in the video is called a Headblade.  I never even knew these existed until I started exploring this whole new bald headed world.  They are the next thing on my list to try because I love the idea of the little wheel and razor zipping along like a little motorcycle.  Yes, I’m still ten at heart sometimes.

 HeadBlade MOTO RazorCheck Price on Amazon HeadBlade ATX All Terrain Head RazorCheck Price on Amazon

How to Shave Your Head with a Razor

It may seem like common sense once you have actually shaved your head once or twice, but here is a step by step tutorial about how to actually go about shaving your head using the most basic of equipment.  The video was produced by Gillette, but the procedure is going to be about the same regardless of the type of razor you choose.  You will learn what works best for you after you have shaved your head a couple of times.

Some Important Things to Remember When Shaving Your Head Bald

As of this writing, I’ve now shaved my head about five or six times.  I’m still a rookie at it, but I have learned a few things that I want to share with you.  Here they are in no particular order…

    • Shave your existing hair down as close as you can using decent clippers if you have them.  I ended up using the clippers I use on my dog because my beard trimming rechargeable trimmers were not up to the job of giving a close trim all around my head.  If you want, you can actually skip all of the safety razor stuff, and just go with an electric razor designed just for making people bald.

Wahl Professional 5-Star Balding Clipper #8110 – Great for Barbers and Stylists – Cuts Surgically Close for Full Head Balding – Twice the Speed of Pivot Motor Clippers – Accessories IncludedWahl Professional 5-Star Balding Clipper #8110Check Price on Amazon

  • Use a good shaving cream or shaving gel.  I don’t have super sensitive skin, so I just grabbed some name brand shaving gel with moisturizer in it.  I wet my head down, lather up my head, and let it sit there a minute.  If I’m shaving the rest of my face too that day, I go ahead and do that first while the lather softens up what is left of my hair stubble on the top and sides of my head.  Even if you normally just use soap to shave your face, I’d recommend using something designed for the job on your noggin.
  • Don’t forget to get behind your ears and to shave your neck.  It’s easy to forget.  Before you start shaving, get yourself a small hand mirror that you can use along with the mirror in your bathroom.  You’ll be glad that you have it there.  Also, take care if you have any moles, skin tags, or the like.  I gave myself a pretty good nick by hitting a mole on my neck the first time I shaved back there.
  • Remember that after you have shaved your head, you will have to protect your scalp from sunburn.  It is also recommended that you continue to use products that will moisturize the skin on your head.  You may also find that your head gets cold a lot easier.  You may want to get yourself a hat to wear on cold days or in air conditioned buildings.
  • I also wanted to mention that the first night of sleeping on a pillow felt really strange to me.  I got used to it quickly, but it was something I hadn’t ever felt before because that skin had never been totally exposed before.
  • Be confident.  You are the one who has to live with your bad hair or your new look.  Some people find bald heads very attractive.  Some people also feel that a shaved head makes them look instantly younger.  I personally am fine with doing away with the salt and pepper “power donut” that was growing around the perimeter of my skull.  If you don’t like the way it looks, whatever hair you have left will still grow back.

I’m really happy that I found the courage to shave my head.  Please leave a comment and let us know how your head shaving experience goes.  I’d love to hear about it!  Also, please use the share buttons below to let other people know about my site if you like it!

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