Hear any good news lately?

Sometimes I think about what might be considered “random” things. This is what popped up in my head today as I was soaking up the joy of the Christmas season, and watching my kids get totally revved up about it. What do you think would happen if every major news outlet in the world good newsput an emphasis on GOOD news for an entire month? I’m not talking about ignoring vital news, but, instead, putting their massive influence behind putting a positive spin on world events instead of a negative one.

I avoid watching the news on purpose. I can be fairly certain that if there is some “big” news, at least 4 people will ask me if I heard about it within a couple of hours when I go to work. Usually, they are fairly wound up about events that end up having very little, if any effect on them directly. I’d much rather focus on things that are not quite so depressing. Do you know anyone who lets the news direct how they face each day? It seems a bit silly to me. No, I don’t walk around like a Pollyanna. I just don’t walk around acting like Eeyore either because of what some bonehead did to get his 15 minutes of nightly news fame.

A lot of folks seriously latch on to whatever message the media feeds them on any particular day. I guess I used to be that way. I remember following all of the Bill Clinton and OJ Simpson type stories. Then, one day, I realized that I wasted hours of my life following that garbage. Why? More recently, there has been a bunch of reporting about the good newsalleged misbehavior of a Penn State football coach. My coworkers wouldn’t shut up about it. I could have gotten the complete update on the situation in about 5 minutes. They talk about it and rehash what was on the news for hours. Seriously? What if they were focused instead on some positive story that inspired them to join their efforts and do something amazing that made a difference in the lives of other people? Maybe they’d even make it on to the last five minutes of the news themselves!

I think I’m going to give myself a challenge.  I’m going to look for positive news every day that I can spread around the building at work.  It doesn’t have to be news on the national level.  It might be something nice about someone we all work with or a bit of happy news from my own family.  I’m curious to see if I can get that to be contagious.  I’ll also continue to avoid the negative Nellies of the work place as much as possible.  I know that I’m risking becoming a social outcast, but I suppose I’d rather risk that than wallow in the misery and commiseration.

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3 Responses to Hear any good news lately?

  1. Rostene Wallace says:

    My thoughts exactly! It is very hard to watch the news nowadays.
    When you are an upbeat person, it becomes draining to watch bad news on a consistent basis. Unfortunately, our world is filled with so much hate & dysfunction. It would be great to have a news station that just focuses on all the good things that’s going on in the world today. I am excited just thinking about having a tv station focusing on positive news at all times!

  2. Kat Rose says:

    I shared this article…even though it is a blog sample…it was very enlightening to me as a new website/blogger, and I know we can’t be the only people that share this opinion!

    Brilliant idea with the “positive news” station. Love it

    • Mike says:

      Thank you for leaving your comment. Even though I call the site Example of a Blog, it is an actual functioning site that I maintain, so please, feel free to spread the word and encourage visitors!

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